5 Uses of Aerial Work Platform Equipment

    What exactly is an aerial work platform used for? 

    Almost anything and everything! 

    The five uses of aerial work platforms described below are just an example of this industrial equipment's incredible versatility.

    • Construction And Building

    Aerial work platforms are used in the construction and building maintenance sectors. Aerial lifts, like boom lifts in Camphill PA, are the most common types of aerial work platforms used in construction. AWPs are designed to reach heights that other sorts of equipment cannot reach. Telescopic aerial lifts are built for maximum reach, whereas articulating boom lifts are efficient for construction and maintenance projects with buildings in difficult-to-reach locations. Articulating boom lifts feature jointed boom arms that can reach up and around constructions to reach objects such as heat and cooling systems, ducting, and piping.

    Boom lifts are the machinery for the job when it comes to installing and repairing ducts, reaching high-up wiring, or adding structural elements at height. These aerial work platforms can operate on both flat and irregular terrain, making them ideal for difficult natural terrain and unfinished construction projects.

    • Work In Orchards

    Cherry pickers, sometimes known as aerial lifts, received their name when they were initially built and employed for operations in orchards, reaching and harvesting fruit. Today's MEWPs and AWPs still pick cherries, almonds, lemons, apples, and a variety of other fruits, nuts, and edibles.  Cherry pickers are narrow enough to operate between rows of fruit trees while carrying one worker. The boom arm and bucket are mounted on the chassis of a vehicle, enabling workers to access typically inaccessible country areas.

    Navigating through challenging work environments, such as orchards, necessitates particular training. When workers are not trained and unable to spot risks, they increase their chance of being struck by overhead items or crushed by falling objects.

    • Repairing Electrical Lines

    The most widely utilized AWP for electrical work is the telescopic boom lift. These boom lifts in Carlisle PA have the longest reaching arm, which can reach vertically and horizontally. The operator sets the boom lift right beneath the work area, while another person stands up in the bucket or basket to access the electrical wire.

    Aerial lifts are used by electricians to reach telephone wires, transformers, and other elevated equipment. Because a limited extension is required for inside-building projects and typical wiring operations, scissor lifts are used. Aerial lifts are employed in various electrical installation operations to route conduits, repair power cables, and replace equipment. Telephone companies, industrial construction businesses, and many others provide AWPs to their electricians to serve a lot of purposes.

    • Mining Work

    On the ground is the most common representation of aerial work platform applications.   However, AWPs are also utilized for mining activities. Aerial lifts are used to access tunnels, shafts, and other difficult-to-reach locations by miners, maintenance workers, and other support employees working well below ground level. Aerial work platforms are used in a variety of sectors, including coal mining. Mining industries also employ scissor lifts, particularly for smaller tunnels and shafts. Aerial work platforms transport everything from iron ore to gold to coal and many more mined commodities.

    • Sporting Events

    Boom lifts in Camphill PA have been employed for various athletic events around the country because of their ability to elevate and lower event staging and lighting. Scissor lifts are frequently utilized for this purpose, which includes anything from reaching scoreboards and arena buildings to offering an eagle-eye perspective of the stadium. 


    Regardless of how or where AWPs are employed, the key to effectively and safely conducting all of these varied sorts of activities is to guarantee that all employees are trained and qualified. Aerial lift certification is the most effective way of decreasing workplace accidents and increasing efficiency.

    Rent Equip offers the top-rated rental aerial work platform equipment such as boom lifts in Carlisle PA and boom lifts in Camphill PA. If you want to rent boom lifts for your projects, you can share your project requirements with our experts.

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