Best Construction Trailers For A Safe Transport

    We understand how important it is to choose the right construction trailer for rent to haul construction equipment. Pairing your truck or vehicle with the most suitable heavy equipment trailer ensures a secure and efficient movement between worksites, depending on the industry and size of your construction equipment. Each of the trailer kinds has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. It's critical for fleet owners, logistics managers, and truck drivers or operators to understand these distinctions and have a thorough understanding of the finest heavy trailers to employ in all carrying conditions.

    Whether it's forklifts, backhoes, or dozers, we understand that construction projects require a lot of transporting to and from the job site. We have various kinds of trailers for hauling everything related to your construction job, whether it's clearing scrap stuff or transporting heavy construction equipment.

    Selecting The Right Trailer

    When it comes to choosing a construction trailer rental near Pennsylvania to move your heavy construction equipment, you have a lot of alternatives. It only gets more complicated when your trailers are transporting a range of machines to and from the project. We asked professionals from three trailer manufacturers to outline the most critical elements to make the process less intimidating. 

    • Correct Size Of The Trailer

    It's critical to match the trailer's load-carrying capacity to the weight of the equipment you are transporting. Having too little capacity is dangerous while getting too much capacity is a waste of resources. But it's not just the trailer that has to be considered; both the trailer and the tow vehicle must be capable of transporting the weight. Remember to factor in the weight of any attachments you plan to transport with the equipment, as attachments are sometimes neglected. 

    • Know Properly About The Hauling Destination

    Laws differ from one region to the next, so carefully think about where you intend to go. You will want to double-check that you have the right trailer capacity, the right number of axles and that the axles are in the right places.

    Types of Construction Trailer Rental Near Pennsylvania

    • Tilt Trailers

    There is no need for a ramp to load and unload equipment with tilt trailers. But, some equipment, such as a paving machine, necessitates a very shallow load angle, thus ramps are occasionally installed. The axles on a tilt trailer are further forward than on a beavertail trailer (with ramps). This enhances agility by allowing the trailer to tilt without hitting the tires. A stationary platform is usually present ahead of the tilt deck in hydraulic tilt variants. The tilt deck allows the machine to be loaded and unloaded while the stationary platform remains flat. 

    Get the best construction trailer for rent.

    • Dump Trailers

    Dump trailers are built to haul everything from sand and gravel to scrap metal and construction materials. Many of the dump trailers also include slide-in ramps to make loading small to medium-sized equipment a breeze. Customizing a dump trailer to match your needs has never been easier, with a variety of lengths, capacities, axles, hydraulic improvements, and other options to select from. 

    • Landscaping Trailers

    Landscaping trailers are utility trailers that have been customized to fit the landscaping industry's needs. Tailgates that double as ramps for putting equipment onto the trailer are common on open landscaping trailers, as are cabinets and tool racks incorporated into the trailer frame. Get the best construction trailer for rent.

    • Enclosed Trailers

    If you carry equipment frequently, enclosed trailers, also known as cargo trailers, are one of the handiest acquisitions you can do. You simply load up your items and transport them off. These trailers also have the added benefit of providing better protection for your possessions. Enclosed trailers, unlike open utility trailers, prevent your belongings from falling off the trailer bed. 

    Once you have a good understanding of your needs, reach out to your dealer representatives, who can help you find the right construction trailer rental near Pennsylvania for your situation. Like any other equipment investment, trailers need to deliver on every level.

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