Soil Compaction: An Important Part of Construction Process

    Soil compaction is one of the most important aspects of building highway embankments, earth dams, foundations, and a variety of other engineering structures. Soil should be compacted to raise the strength characteristic, which increases the bearing capacity of structures built over it. The pore space of soil is compressed by eliminating air and water.

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    Compaction is more than just an increase in soil density; it is a change in soil structure. Healthy soils have a wide range of pore sizes, whereas compacted soils usually have tiny pores. Soil compaction, in general, is defined as the process of mechanically maximizing the density of soil. This is an important aspect of the building process in construction. Mechanical compaction techniques are used on almost all sorts of construction sites and projects.

    Compaction Types

    There are four forms of compaction usually employed on soil and/or asphalt.

    Impact, Vibration, Kneading, Pressure

    Each of these types employs one of two sorts of forces- static or vibratory.

    Factors that affect the compaction process:

    1. Moisture content
    2. Soil type
    3. Contact pressure
    4. Layer thickness
    5. Rolling speed

    Compaction Soil Types

    The soil type you are trying to compact has a big impact on choosing the right compaction equipment for soil compaction projects.

    1. Granular soil
    2. Cohesive soil
    3. Granular and cohesive soil

    The compaction equipment in Gettysburg PA uses frequency and amplitude to apply a compaction force. The frequency of the eccentric shaft rotation, or the leaping of the machine, is measured in vibrations per minute (vpm). The greatest displacement of a vibrating body from its axis in one direction is measured by amplitude.

    Types of Compaction Equipment

    A wide range of mechanical equipment is available for soil compaction, although the kind of equipment and technique of usage is frequently dictated by soil type and moisture state. The following are some essential compacting tools: -

    1. Compacting machinery for light loads (rammers/plate compactors)
    2. Wheel rollers with smooth surfaces
    3. Sheepsfoot rollers
    4. Rollers with pneumatic tires
    5. Rollers that vibrate
    6. Grid rollers

    You need the right size of compaction equipment in Hagerstown MD to have perfectly compacted soil for your construction.

    Over Compaction

    We have a rough understanding in our heads that we cannot over-compact the soil. It will get more and stronger as we raise the compaction. However, this is not the case. Excessive compaction would cause the soil particles to break down. Its support capability will be reduced owing to separation within the soil mix. This will result in soil weakening.

    Under Compaction

    Under compaction will occur if a large enough piece of equipment is not used to handle the job. Insufficient compactor passes may also result in under-compaction. Uneven settlements might result from under-compaction. Because the earth is not compacted adequately, it will be unable to support the weight above it, perhaps leading to structural concerns.

    Compaction is a construction activity that is performed on almost every construction project. If you are looking for a rental company that can offer the best compaction equipment in Gettysburg PA, get in touch with Rent Equip. You can find the best compaction equipment at the most competitive rental price.

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