Top 5 Lesser-Known Facts About Forklifts

    Forklifts perform tirelessly in the background to lift, move, and transport heavy loads with accuracy and efficiency. They are the unsung heroes of countless industries. Despite the fact that many people are familiar with these tools, many are unaware of some fascinating forklift features. Rent Equip is pleased to share five little-known facts about forklifts with you as your dependable equipment rental partner. After reading these five facts, you will have a newfound respect for these amazing forklifts in Waynesboro, PA, and forklifts in Hagerstown, MD.

    • The Inventive Beginnings

    Beginning in the early 20th century, forklifts have had a fascinating past. They were initially created so that heavy loads could be transported in factories and warehouses more effectively. The first forklift, also referred to as the "Truck, Tractor, and Platform," was created by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1906. Since then, forklifts have evolved into the versatile machinery we see today, able to handle a range of tasks, from pallet handling to container lifting.

    • The Importance of Weight Distribution

    Forklifts in Waynesboro, PA, operate on a delicate balance of weight distribution. Stability is greatly influenced by the weight of the load, where it is placed on the forks and the forklift's own weight. Forklifts can become unstable if not loaded properly, which is a lesser-known fact.  Following the right loading procedures is crucial to preventing accidents. This includes making sure the load is distributed evenly across the forks and stays within the forklift's capacity range.

    • Different Types for Different Needs

    Not all forklifts are created equal. There is a diverse range of forklift types designed to suit various industries and applications. Among them are electric forklifts, gas-powered forklifts, forklifts for difficult terrain, and forklifts for narrow aisles. To maximize efficiency and safety, selecting the proper kind of forklift for your particular job is essential. 

    • They're Not Just for Lifting

    While their primary purpose is lifting heavy loads, forklifts in Hagerstown, MD, are incredibly versatile machines. Some models come equipped with attachments like clamps, rotators, and sweepers, allowing them to perform additional tasks such as handling barrels, rotating goods, or cleaning up debris. This adaptability makes forklifts indispensable in various industries beyond just warehousing and logistics.

    • Electric Forklifts are Environmentally Friendly

    With growing concerns about environmental sustainability, it's worth noting that electric forklifts are an eco-friendly choice. They emit no emissions, which makes them perfect for use indoors in settings where air quality is a concern. In addition, compared to their gas-powered counterparts, electric forklifts are quieter, require less maintenance, and have lower operating costs.


    Forklifts in Waynesboro, PA, and forklifts in Hagerstown, MD are true workhorses, silently contributing to the smooth operation of countless industries. These lesser-known facts highlight the ingenuity and versatility of these machines. At Rent Equip, we understand the importance of reliable equipment to keep your business moving forward. If you ever need a forklift or any other equipment for your projects, remember that we're here to provide top-quality rentals that suit your specific needs. Contact us today to discover how Rent Equip can help you accomplish your tasks efficiently and safely with the right equipment at your disposal.


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