Top-Notch Boom Lifts To Work At Elevated Work Spaces


    Aerial lifts are a reliable and useful piece of equipment. Construction lifts are the lifting gear that contains an aerial platform backed by some kind of extension and positioned on a vehicle. They include boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and other types of aerial lifts. These types of machines are useful for a variety of jobs, including shifting supplies early in the project, raising people to difficult-to-reach areas, and doing finishing operations detailing.

    Are you looking for boom lifts in Chambersburg PA or boom lifts in Hagerstown MD

    But before that, you must comprehend what they are.

    What Do You Understand By A Boom lift?

    Boom lifts are well-known aerial work platforms. These lifting equipment are used by many contractors and development businesses for a variety of purposes. Boom lifts are also popularly known by a variety of names. Cherry pickers, aerial work platforms, aerial devices, elevating work platforms, and mobile elevating work platforms are all names for boom lifts.

    Workers can physically reach elevated workplaces with a boom lift, and many various types include unique equipment for specific tasks, such as transporting window glass frames. Because many boom lifts are quite simple to operate, a single worker can typically operate the lift on his own. Boom lifts with a height of fewer than 60 feet are easy to transport by road to any job site where they are needed.

    Types of Boom Lifts

    Articulating boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts are the two types of boom lifts in Chambersburg PA and boom lifts in Hagerstown MD. Continue reading to learn more about the differences between the two and how to pick the best boom lift for your task at a height.

    • Articulating Boom Lifts

    Multiple portions of an articulated boom lift can articulate at different angles, allowing the operator to reach over and above obstructions. When compared to telescopic boom lifts, articulating boom lifts provide more versatility because they can safely and efficiently reach out to difficult and confined regions. Both diesel and electric power sources are available for articulated boom lifts. For outside activities, a diesel-powered boom lift is preferred, however for inside operations, an electric articulated boom lift is offered, which produces less noise.

    Notable Features of an Articulated Boom Lift

    1. Perfect for operations in narrow workspaces
    2. Perfect for accomplishing tasks in rough terrains.
    3. Capability to reach over and around
    4. 4WD traction provides for gradeability of up to 40%
    • Telescopic Boom Lift

    Because it stretches straight with greater horizontal reach, a telescopic boom lift is sometimes called a stick or straight boom. Construction, industrial, painting, and facility management businesses all employ telescopic boom lifts. Telescopic boom lifts have a long reach and enable rapid boom extension. Active oscillating axles and four-wheel drive are standard on telescopic booms, ensuring maximum terrain ability and traction. Depending on your needs, a telescopic boom lift can be equipped with either electric or diesel engines.

    Notable Features of a Telescopic Boom Lift

    1. Offers greater horizontal outreach
    2. Faster to reach full height
    3. Oscillating axles that enable maximum terrain ability

    Choose The Right Boom Lift For Your Project

    Whether you need boom lifts in Chambersburg PA or boom lifts in Hagerstown MD, the first step is to figure out what sort of equipment is appropriate for your project. The importance of size cannot be overstated. You want a lift with enough range, but the size of the equipment that fits your workstation safely and comfortably is also crucial for stress-free work. You should also be aware of the type of movement, weight lifting capability, project site conditions, space constraints, and power supply.

    Select the boom lift your project actually requires. If you are not sure, take suggestions from an expert service provider such as RentEquip.

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